Research Promotion

ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers) is the industry leader for improvement of the HVAC field. ASHRAE has sponsored independent research projects for more than a century, and their printed standards are the primary source for public HVAC-R codes. New technologies are investigated and innovative methods are tested - all without government funding.

Local engineers rely heavily on ASHRAE's printed manuals and handbooks to accurately practice HVAC-R engineering at the very highest industry standards.

In Northeast Indiana, the following companies, organizations, and individuals have shown their appreciation for the indispensable value of ASHRAE's research by investing financially.  We ask that you consider joining them in supporting the industry that provides for local design engineers, equipment and service vendors, and contractors by making a donation at

Our chapter’s goal is to raise $2,500.  So far, we are nearly 50% of the way there at $1,186.74.  I would like to thank the following for their kindness in donation:


Fort Wayne Chapter      $430.00 

Richard Hartman           $142.00 

Bryan Wight                  $104.16 

Devin Snowberger         $100.58 

Mike Frantz                   $100.00 

Matthew Klok                $100.00 

Jim Koerner                  $100.00 

Paul Fernandez              $100.00 

Matson Consulting         $10.00